Some of the locations we have investigated

The Stanley Hotel


Estes Park, Colorado

Where Steven King stayed when he wrote the script for the shining. Very easily one of the most beautiful places you will ever experience! 

Ashmore Estates


Ashmore, IL

Some call it home, I call it my home away from home. The list of activity at this old poor farm would take up an entire page. Go see for your self, it never disappoints! 

Missouri State Penitentiary


Jefferson City, Mo

We haven't investigated this location as a team yet but I have been here solo, and it was definitely worth a mention. From the Gas Chamber, Dungeon Cells, its bloody history, to the drug cat. It is absolutely worth a future visit. 

Cemetery at Salt Fork Campground


Cambridge, OH

Beautiful and peaceful during the day, super active at night. This whole park is a must stop, if you can find it. 

The Old Licking County Jail


Newark, OH

This investigation was strange from the day we booked it, but little did we know it would only get more strange as time went on. A definite must stop if you are in the area! 

Poasttown Elementary School


Middletown, OH

Oh my what to say about this location! The slogan is "When you leave you believe". I now believe on a whole different level! We have only scratched the surface on what this location has to offer, we must return soon! Stay Tuned! 

McPike Mansion


Alton, Illinois

The inside is still condemned, but the grounds and cellar are great. This location has a lot of history and the staff is very accommodating. 

Mineral Springs Hotel


Alton, Illinois

This is a really cool location! Not only is it huge, but it’s beautiful. It also has a massive old haunted swimming pool. They have several tours a year and prices are very reasonable. Also located in the lobby are three shops including a mystical shop, novelty shop, and clothing shop. 

Benton Farms


Walton, Kentucky 

I know the pic is dark on this one but the location is somewhat shrouded by foliage. It is relatively small but don’t let it fool you. IT IS ACTIVE! There are three floors of crazy stories! The prices here are reasonable and they also have a meeting space across the grounds. 

Anderson Hotel


Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

It was so kind for Jeff to open this location up for us, it has a lot of stories. But to be honest we didn't experience a lot of activity. But sometimes that happens right, you don't catch a fish everytime you go fishing. Still had a great evening!  Photo is coming soon. 

Octagon Hall


Write up and photo coming soon! 

St. Louis Cemetery One


New Orleans, Louisiana

Pictured is Marie Laveau's tomb. There was so much energy surrounding her tomb. There was a strong feeling of the need to behave and respect where you were. The whole cemetery was so huge and full of tons of unusual sites. Guided tours are given on a regular schedule. 

Cheney Mansion


Jerseyville, Illinois

During the tour I saw my first full bodied apparition, of course I wasn't running any equipment yet. On this bed  was a young girl in a mint green nightgown, brown hair , brown eyes, white socks. She had her feet stretched out along the bed with her lower back against the pillow on the far side. I got the impression she was used to watching the tours go through but had never been noticed or called out before. After my friend and I announced what we saw,  the tour guide pointed out a picture on the opposite wall  and it was her. She was a nurse that was hired to take care of the Cheney's special needs boy, she lived in the house and this was her room. This building is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever visited, I am so lucky that it is just minutes away. If you are in the area stop by and ask for a tour, it will blow your mind.