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The Perpetual Conversation


Come check out our podcast called The Perpetual Conversation. We will be discussing intentions, energies, past experiences, and their effect on paranormal investigation. Are we really getting evidence of the history of a location? Or are we simply capturing the energies we carry with us? How do we know the difference? 

I will have guests, team members, and maybe more. I know we will probably only scratch the surface of this topic, but it is conversation we need to begin, and the surface is a great place to start. 

Check us out!

The Scattered Souls Paranormal YouTube Channel


We will post videos and audio from active and recent investigations, and maybe

 the occasional live stream! So come like and subscribe, that way you don’t miss anything!


Open Range Events


Open Range Events handles event planning and scheduling, and is ran by team members Chris and Wes Carpenter. They are a great group of people that go above and beyond for their attendees and locations!

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